Different Toe Styles for Leather Formal Shoes

Types of Toe Styles for Leather Shoes
The first thing anyone notices about your shoes is the front end, mainly the toe. Its a simple part of the shoe, but we underestimate how much it adds to the styling of each shoe and consequently the entire look.
Toe are styled in different ways, but in terms of shape there are mainly three; Round, Square and Narrow. Each shape has its significance, such as Narrow toe are mostly considered for formal shoes, while Round toe being more common can be in Formal and Casual shoes too. Square toes are less common but always stand out for the same reason. 
  • Plain Toe
Simplicity is sophisticated, which is the look a Plain Toe style would bring to your attire. Plain Toes are mostly used in Oxfords and Derbys, which are both Formal Luxury Shoe Styles. 
Italian Leather Plain Toe Shoes
  • Cap Toe
Every shoe has its own character and its the details that add further to it. Cap Toe is a a simple horizontal stitch across the toe, which subtly catches someones attention. Cap Toes can be considered formal or at times; semi-formal too. Cap Toes are the most common, even in Oxfords, Derbys, Monkstraps and even in some Brogues.
Italian Derby Cap Toe Leather Shoes
  • Wing Tip 
Brogues are defined by the design of the motifs and brogueing pattern, but this pattern depends entirely on the toe style. Brogues are mostly made in Wing Tip or Long Wing Tip styles; both of which are sure to catch everyone's attention.
Italian Brogue Wing Tip Leather Shoes
  • Split Toe
As per present trends, this toe style is mostly used in Luxury Formal Loafers, it is commonly perceived as a more casual toe style. Split toes are also suggested to be slightly more comfortable for everyday or prolonged use, the reason being that the joint at the toe allows the shoe to expand more easily with your foot while its used for long durations.
Vittore Split Toe Leather Loafers
  • Medallion Brogue pattern
As an addition to this article, we wanted to feature Medallion Brogue toes since they are extremely classy and trending now. The design gets its name from the shape of the motifs or brogueing pattern which is shaped like a medallion. Due to the multiple motifs and perforations on the toe, the workmanship is very important in this design. If you want to turn heads at an event, we always suggest Medallion Brogue Shoes.
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Vittore Medallion Brogue Shoes