Brogue Shoes Guide: Explore different types of Brogue Shoes


Brogues are the most versatile style you can have in your shoe collection. They come in various styles and colours; especially adding an interesting take over existing styles such as Derbys and MonkStraps.

What is a Brogue?

Brogue Shoes have been around since the 1700s, as fashion started to become part of an individual's identity. The origin of its name is bróg which is the Gaelic translation for the word Shoe. Brogues are identified by the perforated holes on various parts of the shoe upper, in different types of shoes, which is also referred to as Broguing the shoe.


What are the different types of Brogues?

1. Derby Brogue are open laced shoes, which is the most common type of Brogue shoes. Derby Brogues can be paired well with jeans, chinos, trousers and even suits.

2. Wingtip Brogue are the classic Brogue styles, which have a W-shaped toe cap with wings that extend along the side just beyond the toe. These shoes have perforated holes and brogue design on the toe cap and at the center too.

3. Long wingtip Brogue also known as English Brogues, have the Brogue wings extended till the end of the quarter panel of the shoe. This Brogue style is more casual than the others and is worn less frequently too. Seen here Long wingtip brown brogues for men.


Mens brown brogues long wingtip 


4. Monk Strap Brogues have various brogue patterns without a lacing system, but instead single or double Buckle Straps closing system. These are the latest addition to the Brogue styles, and are still gaining popularity in fashion.



Double Monk Strap Brogue Shoe - Niccolo

5. Oxford Brogue are closed-lace system shoes, which are preferred for a formal attire and event. Oxford Brogues should be worn with suits and at times can be styled well for black tie events too.


6. Quarter Brogues have minimalistic Broguing, usually perforations are placed on the shoe edges or the stitch of the flat toe cap. Quarter Brogues are also suggested for formal events based on the overall styling with the suit.

Italian Leather Quarter Brogue Shoes - Leonardo

7. Semi Brogues also have a straight toe cap stitch similar to the Quarter Brogues. The main difference is that they also have perforations on the entire toe cap and at times the quarter of the shoes too; this is also the reason they are called Half Brogues. Semi Brogues are better used for Business casual attire or for semi formal events with trousers.
Italian Brogue Shoes - Lorenzo

Brogue shoes have to be styled well, as they could seem out of place at certain events or as a part of a certain attire. Generally, the Broguing patterns on the shoes determine the type of event and styling they would be best suited towards. While Derby shoes and Oxfords have their distinct place in one's shoe collection; Brogues have also become an unavoidable style to be added to complete a true shoe aficionado's shoe collection.