The Wedding Journal: Picking the Right Wedding Shoes

The Groom's shoes at his wedding are an important part of each ensemble. One could say that they are more important than the watch he wears. Since his shoes will bring the entire look together, or make it fall apart if not paid attention to.
Leather Formal Shoes are usually matched with Western wear such as suits or tuxedos, but we would like to suggest matching them well with Indian outfits too. Many Indian men avoid Leather Shoes with Indian outfits, as it goes against our conventional thinking but once you have tried it, it will surely make you stand out from the crowd.
The criteria that will narrow your choices of wedding shoes selection for the next Indian Wedding:
  • Colour of the outfit
If the outfit colour is Black, Blue or Brown; then shoes could be of a complementary colour to the clothes. While bright colour clothes would require subtle or darker colour shoes to break the colour flow and bring more attention to the clothes themselves. Lastly, there is the simple and sophisticated look; in case the clothes are any shades of White or Beige or other pastels, then the shoes can also be a simple colour to pull the entire outfit together.
  • The Location and Weather
Many Indian weddings are outdoors and right in the midst of Winters, then closed shoes such as Oxfords or Brogues would be preferred over Loafers. If it's a day time event while the sun is out; then Loafers and slip-ons would be the best choice.
  • Comfort
What is style without comfort, especially when you're wearing shoes for long hours and standing through the entire event. After all, Indian weddings can last many hours into the night. We always recommend comfort along with style, since nobody wants to put their new shoes away after wearing them just once.
Apart from the above 3 criteria to keep in mind, the most important remains the Styling.
What would be the best suited Leather Shoe Styles for Weddings?
  • Derbys & Oxfords
Derby shoes are extremely popular; they would be worn with any suit, based on good colour matching. We would always recommend matching your Leather Shoes to your Leather Belts, or else the colour combinations within one outfit become too complex.
Oxford's would be the priority for a sharp and sophisticated look with very formal suits such as Three-Piece suits or Tuxedos.
  • Brogues & Monk Straps
There are multiple events in Indian weddings and its important to have a variety of shoes to wear so you look different at each event. Brogues and Monk Straps are designs that add more life to your outfits and make you stand out from the crowd. Brogueing itself is like 'Art on Shoes'; and can catch a lot of attention especially if the shoes have burnished toes.
These styles would be well suited to wear with any type of clothes especially in vibrant colours. This includes Suits, Kurtas and even traditional Bandhgala Suit or Ajkans (Achkan).
  • Loafers
Loafers are the top pick for Day events and especially for Summer weddings. Loafers are comfortable and easy to wear or take off at times of traditional ceremonies. The only mistake that one makes with this style is to wear extremely casual looking loafers to weddings. Even though Loafers and Slip-ons are the most casual in this list; they can still look formal and sophisticated.
We recommend Penny Loafers, Tassel and Hazel Loafers which can be matched with all attire including western suits and Indian Kurtas.
  • Open Footwear
Indian weddings would be incomplete without the traditional Jutis, Sandals or the famour Kolhapuri Chappals. These styles are timeless and are best suited for certain Indian Clothing Styles.
This wedding season, we suggest that you try a new style of matching Italian Shoes with all your attire, including Western and Indian too. We are sure it will attract the right kind of attention!