Leather Shoe Care - Shoe Brush


We all love the look of handcrafted leather shoes, straight out of the box. With a fresh Leather smell and its heavenly sheen to go along with it. And after a few weeks, the shoes look worn out, dirty and dull; at times taking the excitement out of the investment in your new Italian luxury formal shoes.
We have compiled a few points so that your shoes can return to their original glory by following a few simple steps in shoe and leather care.



To start, wipe your shoes (including the sole) with a damp cotton cloth. After drying, apply shoe wax with a sponge or a soft bristle brush on the upper leather. A Neutral colour wax is always recommended for all different shoes as it doesn't affect the original shoe colour, but instead enhances it.

Shoe waxes work best for Vittore shoes as the full grain leather used has the ability to absorb the waxes.
Certain other leather shoes are made from top grain leather, which is more economical compared to full grain leathers. Other shoes in top grain leathers can be finished with shoe polish.
But we don't recommend shoe polish on Vittore shoes as it has a tendency of covering the natural beauty of the shoes.



Everyone owns at least one pair of Suede shoes or Boots, and are aware of the extra care required for them. Suede shoes need to be kept away from water spills or stains especially from rough outdoor weather.
The first step towards protecting suede shoes must always be a spray of Suede/ Nubuck protector. Which will protect it from water damage. Apart from this, suede shoes must be dusted off excess dust before being placed back in a cover bag.


Shoe Care - Cedar Shoe Tree


Even though shoe horns and shoe trees do not help in cleaning leather dress shoes; they elongate the shelf life of your shoes.
Shoe horns maintain the heel grip (back part) of the shoe; which also maintains the overall shape and style.
Shoe trees allow your leather shoes to retain their form and also fit as per your fit while you're not wearing them.
Although Plastic shoe trees are common and economical, we still recommend Cedar shoe trees. Cedar has been used over generations to store various fabrics and materials, thanks to its ability to naturally absorb moisture, repel odor and insects too. Cedar is much more hygienic since everyone's feet perspire and it is a natural remedy to have your shoes retain their freshness for their next wear.


In conclusion, the most important principle to remember is that you're investing in good quality shoes, so even the shoe care materials must be of a good quality.
When you buy a pair of Vittøre shoes, you receive a complimentary cotton carry bag and an Italian shoe horn with each pair of shoes sent to you. We always hope our customers take care of their footwear, as much as we do while making them.