Finding the right shoe for your feet is always easier said than done. Considering the amount of time everyone spends in their shoes while applying all their weight on them, its undoubtedly a very important decision to make. 
Also with the current marketing trends, all brands want the customer's attention to their products. So it's even more important today to have a basic checklist in hand before venturing out for shoe shopping, which Vittore has compiled for you.
  • Size
There are so many languages in the world, and similarly there are multiple shoe sizes for different parts of the world including EU, US, UK. Sorting through the size and conversions can be a major task for anyone. Incase you're in a physical store, ask the friendly sales person for their size scale and get both your feet sized up. In an ecommerce store, a well known brand will have a size chart on every product page, just like Vittore has the below size chart.
Vittore Men's Leather Shoe sizes
  • Comfort Fit
Since we wear our shoes for the entire day or for prolonged occasions, an uncomfortable pair of footwear can ruin your mood and even your plans. 
It's most important to understand your own feet 'shape, do you have narrow or wide feet? Do you have an increased arc or flat feet? Your feet and shoes should be, hand in glove; if you know what we mean.
Insoles are important depending upon your foot's pressure points, most good quality shoes have extra insole beds for extra comfort.
Always ensure to take a few steps after trying the shoes. Be patient and take your time, while not allowing the sales person to rush you into an impulsive decision.
  • Construction style
Most shoes are made in one of two main final stitching styles; Black Stitch and Goodyear welted. While good year welted stitching is more robust, it is dated and used less frequently for formal shoes, while used more for performance industrial shoes. 
The Blake stitch is the most commonly used in formal and fashion footwear manufacturing. 
The most important difference between the two is that in Goodyear Welted shoes the upper to sole stitching is visible from outside the shoes. While in Blake stitched shoes the stitching between the two parts is hidden in the inner assembly of the shoe.
  • Trends
We always recommend our customers to choose comfort and fit over the current trend while choosing a new pair of Formal Luxury Shoes. It's simply because you will spend more time wearing them than others would; looking at them.
Shoes are also a reflection of one's personality and tastes; it would be best to remain true to one's own style while choosing a pair of shoes. 
  • Materials
Real Leather is all weather; and Vittore fully endorses Luxury Leather Shoes as your top choice. It's important to understand the type of leather used in making the shoe, namely Full Grain, Top and Genuine Leather, to understand the quality being offered by any brand.
Soles can also be multiple materials ranging from high quality hand finish leather soles such as Vittore's, to Polymeric soles (used mostly in casual and sports shoes).
  • Occasion
Since you want to dress the part and look sharp at all times; it's extremely important that the shoes work well with your complete ensemble. For example, Oxford's are the classic Formal shoes, while Derby's can be worn in Formal settings and also paired for semi-formal events and Loafers would work best for semi-formal and casual occasions. 
  • Shoe care
Buying the correct shoe is just the beginning of the journey, taking care of a high quality Formal Leather Shoe makes the difference along the way. It would be best to ask the Brand itself for their shoe care recommendations such as shoe waxes, shoe trees and horns. Taking care of a good quality Italian Leather Shoe is an art in itself, and keeps the shoe looking as good as the day you bought it.
The above points are a brief compilation of the most important questions to ask a brand or its sales person before purchasing from them.
Here's a Pro Tip for your next Shoe Shopping Venture:
Try to shop at the end of the day or during the second half, since you would've walked around already. With regular walking your feet swell into their 'true size and fit' due to continuous blood flow. 
This will help in making correct purchases as per comfortable shoes that you are sure to wear regularly.