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What are Moccasins?
Traditionally moccasins were shoes in which the sole and sides were 1 piece and then the top was handstitched to close the shoe. This technique is followed by some of the shoemakers even now for handmade Moccasins. 
Laces were common on Moccasins, eventhough they had very reduced functionality since the shoe were worn by slipping into rather than tying them down. Another distinct feature of Moccasins is that they are made without heels, on a flat sole design.
What are Loafers?
Loafers are shoes that are constructed similar to regular shoes such as Brogues or Derbys; but the main distinction is that they don't have laces. The shoes can have various types of accessories over the tongue part of the shoe; including buckles, tassels or simply a strip of leather across the width of the shoe.
Italian Leather Loafers - Alberto
The Different types of Moccasins:
Moccasins originated from Indian Tribes (North America), who hand sewed 2 pieces of leather to make shoes and decorating them as per their tribal colours later. The name originates from the Algonquian language word Makasin which means shoe. 
Traditionally, Moccasins were divided into two categories based on the sole being Hard or Soft depending on the geographical location. Hard sole Mocassins were made for rocky or hard surfaces, while Soft sole Moccasins were meant for Grasslands. 
At present Moccasins have a hard soles since they are worn mainly in the cities to walk on roads, pavements and concrete.
Driving Moccasins are the most popular today. While the construction of the shoe remains the same by stitching 2 pieces of leather; the sole is made of rubber and is inserted inside the shoe rather than attached from the outside.
The Different types of Loafers:
  1. Penny Loafers are the most popular style of loafers because of their simplistic and versatile look. They can be worn in Formal and Semi-formal attires, but not for casual settings. Checkout Vittøre's Penny Loafers style Alberto.
  2. Tassel Loafers have a decorative tassel on the top part of the shoe, they can be worn with Formal attire but also at times with Chinos or even Jeans depending on the complete look.Checkout Vittøre's Tassel Loafers style Adriano
  3. Hazel Loafers have a metallic buckle across the top of the shoe. This style has a semi-formal look, so it can be paired with Jeans easily.
  4. Kilt Loafers are the most stylish design from the collection, since they comprise of fringed tongue on the top of the shoe along with a tassel or sometimes a light pair of laces too. Kilt Loafers have a distinct old school look (at times described as Victorian) but are well paired with almost any type of clothing including formal and jeans too.
  5. Pump Loafers are the most distinct style since they can be paired only with a Tuxedo. The design has a low Vamp area which makes the socks easily visible, so be sure to pair Black socks with Black Pump loafers since its the most common colour for this style.
  6. Slipper Loafers are the simplest style in this collection, with a high vamp area and ease of wear; these shoes can be everyday wear and at times used at home too.
  7. Driving Loafers have gained the most popularity lately as casual smart shoes that can be worn with jeans or shorts. Driving Loafers have the sole inside the shoe rather than attached from outside, making only certain pores of the sole visible through the leather at the bottom.
  8. Espadrille Loafers originate from Spain and are the most casual design from this collection since they are popularly made from fabric and hand stitched or hand lasted with a synthetic sole.
Loafers and Moccasins can both be worn with socks but its very important to style the entire look well, or else we suggest invisible socks for a clean ankle look. 
Eventhough traditional Moccasins are a rarity now, Driving Mocs are a smart pair to add to your collection.
Loafers are essential to dress well especially through the summers, to pair the right type of Loafers along with suits, chinos or even shorts.