Shoes are the most important item in a gentleman's wardrobe. After all, a certain pair of shoes can make or break the look even if you're wearing a designer suit. Everyone makes an effort to buy the best possible suit, but most people miss out on the shoes that would bring the entire look together. In this article we share the 4 essential shoe styles every man must have in his wardrobe.


In every collection, the brogues are the most versatile style of shoes. They work extremely well with a suit for a formal event, and can also be worn with jeans and shirt for a semi-formal or casual setting. 
Brogues are also the most hybrid style in every collection, since you could own a Double Monk - Brogue like the Niccolo, Derby - Brogue like the Stefano, Long Wing Tip Brogue like the Rodrigo or the Whole Cut - Brogue like the Zanobi.
Italian Leather Shoes - Brogues


Comfort all year round is the way to choose a pair of loafers. The style is considered to be semi-formal and casual that is perfect for day time events. Leather Loafers work well through the summers because the premium Leather upper breathes and allows you to wear them the entire day. Since Loafers don't have laces like Derby shoes or buckles like Monk straps; Vittore shoes have designed the heel grip in a certain contour to avoid the shoes from slipping off while walking.
Loafers have multiple variations such as the Black Penny Loafers like the Alberto, Tassel Loafers like the Adriano and Slip-on Loafers like the Federico. 
Genuine Leather Italian Shoes - Loafers


Shoe styles can at times be a reflection of a man's personality, monks being the formal yet adventurous style. Monkstraps are worn with suits but look edgy making the overall look stand out from a crowd. Monkstraps are sure to make an impression since you see fewer men wearing this style.
Double monk straps are more formal than single monk straps; the only difference being 2 vs 1 buckle to fasten the shoes. Be sure to use a shoe horn for both formats, as they tend to be more fitted with the buckles fastening.
Monks are usually Cap-Toed such as the Salvadore, and the Niccolo which is a Burnished Cap Toe. The Francesco is the only Black single Monk Strap shoes in the Vittøre collection. While the Diavolo is a special feature shoe, available in Cognac colour which makes a serious impression with its hand woven Leather upper.
Vittore Italian Shoes - Double Monkstraps


Every gentleman's collection has Lace up shoes, the most common and essential style. While the Oxford and Derby both have laces, the difference between Derby and Oxfords remains that Oxfords have closed lacing system and Derbys have an open lacing system. This difference in shoe making makes the Oxford more formal than the Derby. For this reason, Derbys are most commonly made in combination to Brogues such as the Stefano, Lorenzo and Leonardo.
Italian Leather Shoes - Derby Brogues
Cristiano is the only Oxford in the Vittore collection; since an Oxford makes a very strong and formal impression.
The Valentino is a special feature in the lace-up collection in Cognac Leather being hand woven to complete its upper for a premium formal style.
Luxury Italian Chukka Boots
Vittore shoes also has a Chukka Boot; Edgardo for the Winter look. Leather Chukka Boots look best worn with jeans and a pullover or jacket.
While having these styles is important in every gentleman's collection, taking care of your premium Italian leather shoes is equally important. Using a Shoe Horn, Cedar Shoe Trees and Shoe waxes to maintain the brilliancy of the full grain genuine leather used in Vittore Shoes.